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The moon

Title: The moon
Author: [info]wilwa
Genre: Bandfic, everyday

Chapters: Oneshot, drabble
Ratings: G
Band: Dir en grey
Paring: KaoruxKyo

Just before a live, Kyo's trying to calm his nerves.
I do not own Dir en grey or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. I also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
I haven't been writing for months. And now I'm sick. Again. But apperently my inspiration started to blossom with my fever, so maybe it's for the best, haha.


The hour before a live.

Die zipping on a can of beer to steady his nerves. Toshiya occupied himself with cleaning his nails while Shinya practised his drumbeats in the air.

Kyo was outside. Had placed himself in the venue's smoking area. An unlit cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Hands buried in his jean's pockets. Brown eyes turned to watch the crescent moon through the city light.

A door closed behind him. Kaoru stopped to stand by the vocalist's side. The arms crossed over his chest made his posture even more authoritative. Kyo didn't turn his gaze away from the half-moon. Kaoru tried to light a cigarette with his purple lighter.

Kyo dug deeper into his pocket, offered Kaoru his petrol lighter. The cigarette was lit, Kaoru too turned his gaze to the moon the blond was observing.

They stayed in silence for minutes. Passing of cars could be heard, the wind that razzled in the lonely tree. Their breaths and Kaoru's inhalation of smoke.

Kaoru unfolded his arm, stretched it out to let his fingers caress Kyo's jacket-covered back. When Kyo turned to face Kaoru he was met with a smile.

Kyo blushed.


"So, you're ready?" Kaoru asked, brushed his hand against Kyo's elbow before crossing his arms over his chest again.


His life was wonderful.

Despite what he sang.



like it


hope you get well soon
Thank you! :)

I hope so to *sick of being sick haha* Thanks for the comment ^^.
very simple, but I think that makes it that cute *_*
Thank you :). I seem to favourite simple fics. Thanks for commenting!
awwwww.that was sweet without much dialogue.(so canna spell)I too hav a fic I paired these 2.have also paired kao and shinya.and my latest fic pairs kyo/kaoru and miya(mucc)called shinya and the 3 little beards.I hav 9 fics in my live journal.hav written 25 fics total.1 cpop 9 jrock the rest kpop.
Thank you, glad you liked it ^^.

I'll check them out! Thanks for commenting ^^.
naw jag älskar dina korta fics <3
kan dom inte bli tillsammans already? xD
se till å bli frisk nu, det är en order! ;P
Awh tack <3.
Visst, fattar dom inte att dom är menade för varandra XD.
I love the simplicity and matter-of-factly of it all. :)
Thank you! :)
This fic made my day completely.
Aw, that makes me happy! :D Thanks for reading.