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A Moment

Title: A Moment
Author: wilwa
Genre: Bandfic, everyday, fluff
Chapters: Oneshot, drabble
Ratings: G
Band: alice nine.
Paring: ToraxSaga
Resume: Another night in the van and Saga can't sleep.
Disclaimer: I do not own alice nine.  or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. I also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
Comments: My first ToraxSaga! I'm glad that I have written again, just some days after I posted last. Unusual!. Okay... Now I'm frustrated. You see this weird box with Wikipedia and shit? I don't know how to remove it! I don't even know how it got there! And I'm getting real frustrated with it! Help!? T_T.
 Thanks [info]trowacko for helping me, I'm grateful! I suck at coding and such... >_<.

Shou's snoring from the front passenger seat kept Saga awake. It was dark outside, the radio was tuned to a low sound just enough to get soothed by the calm songs pulsing from the van's stereo. The vehicle's switching sound when it rolled on the not so trafficked road was calming. But Saga couldn't fall asleep.


He was tired; his body soar from another evening of performing. Another night spent belted in the uncomfortable car seat. He sighed, tried to stretch his back as much as he could. Turned his face to look at the band members that shared the back seats with him.


Hiroto had occupied the other window-seat. The youth had a magazine in his lap, head leaned against the window. How he could manage to sleep like that, the windows used to vibrate at every little bump in the road. But, kids; they could sleep everywhere and anyhow.


Tora had the middle seat. Each of he's knees touching Hiroto's and Saga's leg. One hand raised behind his head to be able to lean a little bit comfortable against the seat. The other hand placed, at what seemed casually, against Saga's thigh.


The bassist smiled; caressed the callused fingers with equally callused fingertips. Draw a heart on the back of his hand. Let soft touches admire the strong fingers of the dark headed guitarist. Strong fingers that soon caught Saga's, lightly squeezing them as Tora tiredly mumbled. Turned a bit in his seat, to rest his head against the bassist's shoulder to return to the dream he momentarily had left.


Saga smiled, leaned his cheek against black hair. Twinned their fingers together, knowing that when the first trail of sunlight hit them they had no act like nothing.


I don't think I have read toraxsaga before, but I think I should give this couple a chance :)
you tried my ryoxsatoshi so now I'll try this!
btw now I'm really inspired to write SCREW, you put ideas in my head xD
I don't think I have read this pairing yet either... But I know they exist out there, now when I finally have found the alice nine. fic-community :D.
Yay, write! I wanna read! Im curious heheh hahah hihih. Glad I can help ;) :D.
it's a beautiful pairing and this was a beautiful story, or rather a beautiful glimpse. they are one of my favorite,if not perhaps lately the favortie couple, both as a reader and as a writer. keep writing them please. and keep writing in general. i always love your fics and sketches of moments. :)
Thank you!

Yes, they're are starting to get one of my favourite pairing too, both as writer and as a reader. They're so adorable >_<.

I will keep wring them! And in general, hopefully more now. I'm really glad that you like my drabbles! :)

Thanks again and for commenting!
for reading them there's

and aliceinfiction which is a challenge community that's really nice

if you're curious i also write them at pinkucellphone. which is my and cateris' writing journal
Yes, thank you for pointing out them, some of the communities I had'nt seen before :).
This is my favorite pairing -ever-.
This was really sweet. Liked it a lot.
Yeah, I like them alot too. They're sweet together. Thanks for reading and commenting, I'm glad you liked it! :)
Oh, this is so sweet and cute. I love it. So wonderfully written.
Thank you, it makes me real happy to hear that you liked it! :)
awwww. it's so short, but so warm and so calm - it just makes me feel good. thank you *^^*

you should write more tora/saga fics. definitely <3
Yes, I tend to write short drabbles >_>. I'm glad that my writing maked you feel good! :) You are so welcome, and thank you too!

I definately will, thanks for the encouragement!
yay! this is my otp &hearts
Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment!
Very cute ^^ My OTP :)
Thank you, glad you liked it! :)
awww that was very very cute.
Thank you, glad you liked it!
Thank you, glad you liked them! I will check it out :).
I only searched something that I can read befor I'll go to sleep today...and by the merest chance I choose this...and with ease I can say:it behooved ^^ I have a good feel of it.

(I don't read a lot of FF about Alice nine...but when I do I read ToroxSaga ~.^)

and this is really really precious story ^^
Oh, wow! If you don't read alice nine so much, then I'm real honoured that you chose my fic!

I'm real glad that it made you feel well and that you liked it ^^.

Thanks for commenting!