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The Balcony

Title: The Balcony
Author: wilwa & kill_my_sorrow 
Genre: Fluff (?) 
Chapters: 1/?
Ratings: G
Paring: KazukixMiku
Resume: A quick meeting on a balcony may change their lives forever...
Disclaimer: We do not own AN CAFE or SCREW.  or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. We also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
Comments: I felt that I really needed to update my LJ so I made sure that kill_my_sorrow  was in a fluffy mood and then asked if we could RP, 'cause I missed our cute little crack pairing. This is the result, so that's why it might look a little bit chopped and wierd. But hey, at least it's an update!

It was hot, way to hot to be working if you asked the young man who lay sprawled over the sofa in the lounge room. Kazuki was waiting for it to be his turn at the photo-shoot, but it seemed like Byou would never finish up.

He sighed and sat up, thinking that he could just as well get up and get some fresh air.

The balcony was already occupied. A small, little guy was squatting against the wall, looking up at the sky like he had no problems in the world.

First, Kazuki wasn't sure weather he should interrupt the peaceful scene, but his talkative side got the better of him.

"One hell of a summer we've gotten, ne?"

Miku loved the summer, yet he hated this time of the year. How one could be outside all day and night long, yet he couldn't 'cause he had to keep his skin as white as he could.

But people got happier, it was easier to walk Nyappy and, maybe the most important factor, you could eat ice cream. Lots of lots of delicious ice cream (if you were a good boy and exercised later). And, maybe the second most important thing with the summer; you could were shorts.

This day he did, knee-long loose fitting shorts that made thighs so wonderfully chilled when a breezed crawled up on them. Knee-socks had been pulled down as to not sweat to death.

Startled, a somewhat round face turned upwards to let brown eyes see who had interrupted the silence. Blond hair pulled away from his eyes with hair clips, and his gaze turned back up to watch the blue sky.

"It's actually quite nice as long as you're in the shadow. It's the perfect weather for a picnic, don't you think?" The blonde wishfully sighed, restless legs jumped in wish to get out of here.

"Ah, a picnic would be so nice, haven't really been on one for ages. I'm Kazuki by the way, and I guess you're part of a band as well? Wouldn't it just be great if we could just diss work for one day just enjoy this, being kept inside is such a pain, specially when you must wear these clothes."

The brunette babbled, trusting out his hands to the sides to show of his outfit. Kazuki was dressed in a black and white shirt with a leather jacket over and pants that looked to be in the same material as the trousers, boots that went halfway to his knees. Little beads of sweat was starting to form on his forehead and he whipped at it nervously.

"God, I wished we didn't have to wear makeup sometimes, now I'm really somewhat relieved I'm not a girl so I have to wear this in private."

Miku chuckled, had sat himself down fully on the cool cement floor while Kazuki had been talking. Crawled his way to the balcony's end, where he had started to pll of high soled sneaker-like shoes.

"Even though you were a girl you don't need to wear make up, you know." He informed the taller man, pushing his feet between the gaps of the cell like bars of the balcony. Head turned, a pierced mouth smiled at the sweating brunette.

"Come, the floor's quite cool." The blonde patted the space beside him. "And I'm Miku, vocalist of An Cafe." He presented himself, head pressed against the bars, trying to look down on the street life beneath them, wishing that he too could be one of them.

That he right now might stroll around in Yoyogi Park, or be at the beach in Yokohama and swim in the sea or sitting in a café eating ice cream. Ice cream…

"It sucks. Think that they might kill you with all the clothes you have! The pain of being in the visual kei scene, eh?" Miku answered Kazuki's earlier babbling. "But you can take of the jacket, can't you?" A stretched out a hand, pulled at the nearest sleeve now when the brunette had joined him on the floor.

"Oh, look. At the ice cream bar right there!" Miku without a thought changed the subject, pouting down at the small ice cream bar in the corner of the street. "It looks delicious, don't you think? I so just wanna climb down and go buy some." He laughed, a high pitched sound, swinging his feet in the air as to walk towards the bar.

Kazuki couldn't help but smile as the blonde kept on talking, changing subject from another. In a way, Miku reminded him a lot of himself. And being reminded that the jacket wasn't glued on him, he pulled the clothing of, placing it by his side.

"The company really should pay us extra when we have to wear this kind of clothes in the middle of summer, at least our drummer got away easy, he gets to wear shorts…" Kazuki laughed, put his head against the cool metal bars. "And if this balcony had been a little bit closer to the ground I would've so easily jumped down and attack the ice cream bar, and, seeing how cute the two of us are, I bet we could get treated to all the ice creams we could eat."

Miku really wanted to take his socks of too, but he probably didn't have the time and he was afraid that they would smell so badly that Kazuki would never talk to him again. He winkled his toes, stretched out his legs. "But hey, you have a reason to throw yourself into the nearest fountain. And, seeing as you're not a girl, you can walk bare-chested home. Would attract a stream of girls, I'm sure." Miku chuckled, wrinkling his eyebrows at the brunette. "And betcha, shop keepers always love me for some reason." The blonde smiled, jokingly.

"Dammit!" Kazuki had been looking down the street, noticing a familiar face standing down at the entrance, smoking. "Uh, I just was our vocalist down there and that means I should be at the shoot right now. But hey, take my number and call when you're finished and then maybe we can go get that ice cream?" The brunette scribbled down his number and winked as he half ran inside.

Miku accepted the little piece of paper, the sudden disappearance of the brunette got him to look confused as he watched the other hurry away.

"Yeah, okay, right. See you..!" A quick smile, not yet knowing that this quick encounter might change his world big time.


the pairing never ever been done before but i like it so far it's good.

you can walk bare-chested home. Would attract a stream of girls....I would love to be one of those girls.
It's fun exploring new pairings people never thought of, haha. Great that you likes it!

Yeah, me too. x)

Thanks for reading and commenting!
That's interesting, I want more ^^
We will try our best!

Thanks for the encouragement and comment! :)
This was very cute. And also the first time I've seen this pairing. =) Please update soon. =)
Thank you!

We'll try ´, it just requires that we match opportunity with inspiration. >_< Glad for the encouragement though!