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Lightning and Thunder

Title: Lightning and Thunder
Author: [info]wilwa
Genre: Bandfic, everyday

Chapters: Oneshot, drabble
Ratings: G
Band: Dir en grey
Paring: KaoruxToshiya
Someone needs comforting during a thunder storm.
Disclaimer: I do not own Dir en grey or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. I also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
Okay, it has been months again! I'm so bad ._. BUT, it feels like my inspiration is returning for a time now! So, I blame this extreme short drabble for my re-newbieness. Also, I could make up my mind on whom it was who was afraid of the thunder, that it's why I wrote it this vague. Or, I kind of know who it is who is afraid, but then again I don't. You know what I mean? So, who do you think I mostly hand in mind? 


The rain shattered against the window.

A flashing lit the dark outside, a short sigh made the candle frame to dance in the otherwise dark living room.

A sweet chuckle, the warming sound of a soft kiss echoed in the room. The thunder groaned over the peaceful sound of drops against the window, the restless sound of jeans fabric against the sofa cut through. Soft, wordless murmurs sprung alive as long fingers combed dark hair.

Silence, except for breathings and drops running down the window. A back straightened up from a soothing shoulder. A yearning arm reached for the coffee mug on the table, amusement made tilted eyes to squint, a knowing smile to be shown to the darkness of the room.

A long sip of the coffee, a stretch to place it back on the coffee-table. Face turned to look out, a light laugh at the shoulders that jumped at the sudden appearance of a lightning. A comforting hand over a tensed back, a kiss against the shell of an ear and a body that shuffled down in the sofa to lean against a supporting shoulder.



jättebra skrivet, som vanligt =)
jag måste öva på å skriva såna här korta saker >
Tack söta! :)
Och jag måste öva på att skriva långa saker... >_<. Haha, kul att vi är bra på olika saker XD.
i'd love to think it's toshiya... *sigh* write more?
Yeah, it could be! I'll try to write more, thanks for commenting! :).
am SURE the 1 in need of comfort is toshiya. so canna see kaoru bein ascared of thunder and lightning. it was sweet. am getting used to them as a pairing.
You might be right! Fun that your starting to like them, they're a cute couple! Thanks for commenting :).
awww :) it feels so nice. Wonderful KaoruxToshiya loving :)
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :)