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Underground Warmth

 Title: Underground Warmth
Author: wilwa
Genre: Bandfic, everyday, fluff
Chapters: Oneshot, drabble
Ratings: G 
Band: alice nine.
Paring: ShouxSaga
Resume: Shou and Saga catching the last tube, enjoying a moment together.
Disclaimer: I do not own alice nine.  or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. I also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
Comments: Yay, I finished a fic! *pats herself on the back*. I should write down my other ideas too, but at least this is something on the way. Thanks to kill_my_sorrow  as she requested a metro-scene, hope it will do x).

Saga easily flew over the underground's locking device. Nimbly landing on his feet on the other side of the catch, he turned to watch Shou ungracefully climb over the device that was meant to stop them from riding the metro for free.


But it didn't stop them. They hadn't seen any ticket-collector's nearby and the last tube was about to leave in a few minutes. Didn't care about the cameras that were placed above their heads, the, in their tipsy minds at least, rebellious behaviour made them giggle all the way down the escalator that led them to the underground station.


In comparison of how crowded the station's were during Tokyo's rush hours the place were empty. Small hopes of people waiting together to get home and crawl under warm blankets. Talking quiet, in whispers as their secret and drunken words otherwise might echo in the manmade space under earth.


Here and there stood lonely salary-men, holding tightly to their briefcases, they tired faces longing to get home, to dip their heads into their children bedroom's before withdrawing to their cold bed.


Still giggling Saga and Shou passed one of the men, the younger of them mumbling an apology as he thought they had walked to close to him, following the lead of the slightly taller man as he walked nearer the end of the station, wishing to be as far from the rest of people as possible. 


Shou stopped, the last giggle transforming to a happy sigh. Those big brown eyes watching Saga made the bassist to scratch his neck, giving the vocalist a smile as Shou flashed him one of his dazzling smiles. 


They remained silent as they waited for the train to come. Shoulder against shoulder, Saga had his arms loosely crossed over his chest, Shou's fingers digging in his jeans' pockets, one of the feet tapping restlessly against the floor. 


Saga had to smile at the other's impatience, the sudden flash of teeth made Shou to quirk an eyebrow at him but Saga just lightly shook his head. Touching Shou's elbow as the train made itself heard in the distance, making both of them to step forward on the platform, the instinct to quickly get on to be able to get seats still in their spines even tough there were no competition for the seats this late a Thursday night. 


"I'm sleepy," Shou commented as soon as they had sunk into the seats, making a big yawn as to prove the state he was in. 


Knee touching knee, lightly smashing together as the train trembled here and there on its delimited way.


"I know", Saga answered; Shou was tired most days. Relaxing his shoulders as he felt a head softly leaning against it. Letting a small sigh escape his lips as Shou's fingers stretched out to play with one of Saga's soft, brown curls. 


So was the train ride spend in silence also; Shou halfasleeply playing with Saga's hair, Saga enjoying the warmth the vocalist's leaning body provided him. Both of their gazes lost in another world, both of them reluctantly raising from their seats as the tube stopped at their station.


Neither of them caring how it might looked to the other passengers when they walked closely, arm in arm, nuzzling at the body heat that warmed them in the autumn's chilly night. 


Because it was Thursday night,


and they were rebellious.


^-^ that was so cute...
Thank you, glad you liked it. :)
noes I didn't get first comment ;__;

but ahw that was really cute! you have satisfied me x)
I want to write more now, but damn I'm so busy this week *--*
You're to slow! ;P

You think, yay! I'm glad to have pleased you, tihi.

Awh :/. Just take every moment you can, like on the commuter train and when your waiting for the bus and so on! ^^
8D '
he turned to watch Shou ungracefully climb over the device that was meant to stop them from riding the metro for free.


How cute~

Also, the last line made me laugh. ^^V
I thought that sentence were cute also x).

Yay, glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and commenting!
Oh. My. Gosh.

This story is amazing. I hadn’t read much Shou and Saga yet, though I’m not opposed to reading any ships. Frankly I don’t have an OTP, they all can be depending on the story and the situation; therefore I’m more than willing to give anyone a shot. I like it all – but this was fantastic! I’m glad I checked it out.

Forgive me in advance, I’m wordy.

I particularly like the line about the business men. It’s a great contrast to what Shou and Saga are feeling and doing. It’s the sort of hum-drum dregs of society and monotony against the energy and simply gregariousness of these two boys who feel like they’re free. I love that message too, the simple pleasures that allow us to break from the societal norms we’re trapped to – such as skirting the fees at the metro station.

I really just like this, it’s one of those things that reminds us that there’s still a way to go against he grain without having to do it in such a way that’s attention seeking – it’s simply being exactly who you are. Thank you for sharing this. Excellent job.


You don't know how happy your comment made me.

Thank you. Really thank you. Comments like this make me want to write more, it's really a great feeling that your work are appreciated and that people spots the little details in-bedded in the text.

I like to write low-voiced fics like this, that seems ordinary but really has much emotions, details and feelings to it.

So thank you again.

And regarding the pairing and OTP; I don't really have one either. I can see the love and relationship and the special little things between them in almost every pairing, so I will have a lot of different pairings in my journal. I like writing different people together and to enjoy that special pairings unique relationship that doesn't exist if X is paired with O in another pair, if you know what I mean? *The fact that English isn't my first language is starting to show ^^;*