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Title: Sofa
Author: wilwa
Genre: Everyday, fluff
Chapters: Oneshot, drabble
Ratings: G 
Band: Dir en grey
Paring: KaoruxToshiya
Resume: "The couch was of brown leather. The stuffing hard, but Toshiya liked it. He liked the robust feeling, to make it softer with the touch of some pillows and blankets."
Disclaimer: I do not own Dir en grey or the members of the group, they belong to themselves. I also don't get any money out of this and it's all imagination.
Comments: I felt it was time for a update! And as the KaoxTotchi community is starting to come to life I wanted to help it awaken! My thanks goes to cateris for her prompt entry, the picture number 6. I'm gonna try to write a drabble for every picture in the entry! *cheers for self* The prompt entry: community.livejournal.com/kaoxtotchi/412952.html

The couch was of brown leather. The stuffing hard, but Toshiya liked it. He liked the robust feeling, to make it softer with the touch of some pillows and blankets. A solid frame to rest against, the softness brought forward when needed.

The walls made out of wood. Toshiya liked to run his fingers over the material, somehow finding the surface of the wooden wall comforting. Associated it with his childhood comfort. The cosy feeling he only got when travelling to the little house in the hills of Nagano. To the house his family went to every summer until he had turned 14 and didn't want to go anymore.

The walls also solid, blended nicely with the firm aura of the leather couch. Made it feel strictly homeliness. Toshiya liked to hear the wood moan at night. Sounds that other's found spooky made Toshiya feel at ease. It was like the walls spoke to him, tolled him stories of his family's past. About happenings that occurred in the area long before he was born. Stories that made his mind to fall asleep, cuddle up into a ball and hugging a pillow.

Above the leather couch hung a painting. The motive Toshiya wasn't sure of, it changed every time he looked at it. The scenery changing from a agonising picture of hell's nature to intriguing maps to his soul's creativity.

He liked it. He never got tired. Of resting in the sofa other's thought to hard, that family members had judged to be to old and had wanted to replace. But he fought for the couch, tried to show them how comforting and soft it could be if one just laid or sat right in it.

He liked the unpainted wooden walls. His sister had wanted to paint it white but Toshiya thought the house would lost it feeling then. He didn't want it to be white, he didn't want it to be normal. He liked it, just the way it was. He liked to see the marks in the wood, all those notches that showed that the wood had lived, had been a mighty tree before surrendering to be a protective shelter to them.

Just before the sofa was a white painted door. There his sister had got her will through. The doors, at least, should be painted. As every normal door. White. It should be. And Toshiya had agreed, hoping that the compromise would make her to forget about the walls for some years, to let everything be as it was now.

The door handle was golden. It sparkled when it had been polished. The same day that Toshiya arrives to the little house high in the mountain he polished every door knob. He liked to see it shine, to be the star it was underneath the layer of dust and fingerprints. It reminded him that everyone sparkled, that everyone was a star if one were lucky enough to find someone that polished your soul every now and then.

Toshiya stretched, enjoyed how the leather breathed underneath him, enjoyed the sound his knuckled made when they got pressed against the wall. His right hand feeling the side of the painting, the other hand's fingertips lightly touching the smooth wall.

A pile of brochures at his right side. Pamphlets of the most interesting things to see in the local area. He knew most of them of course. Had travelled to the sightseeing's with either his family or his class.

But Kaoru hadn't. And Toshiya wanted to show him.

Show him everything. The landscape he had grown up in, the hills and mountains that had shaped him. Show him the dazzling views from high above down into forests. Hidden pathways that lead to crisp, cool lakes.

Toshiya smiled, drew up his legs when the white painted door carefully got pushed open. The door made half of Toshiya fall into darkness, hidden by the door.

When he was a child he liked to pull the door so close it could get against the sofa. He created a little world of his own, curled up in the shadows that sprung to life there. A torch in one hand, colouring pens right beside him and a block of paper in his lap.

Toshiya smiled at Kaoru. Moved so that the door didn't hide him. He didn't need to hide anymore. He had a new world that he had created right before him. He wouldn't dismiss his hide out, would surely need it now and then. But not right now. Not now.

He reached for Kaoru, pulled at his hand to come and sit down. Kaoru did, sighed as he stretched out an arm to hug Toshiya's shoulder. Drew him closer, Toshiya resting his head against Kaoru's neck.

"You wanna go fishing tomorrow?" Kaoru asked.

Toshiya smiled, turned his eyes upward to find that Kaoru had closed his. The fingers that had hugged his shoulder softly caressed his upper arm.

Kaoru hated the water. Kaoru was disgusted by the taste of fish.



Thank you! It's a great compliment to say that it's vivid, that means that I were able to print down what I saw as well. :)

Yeah, I've come to the conclusion that I usually update once a month or so. XD But I'm gonna try to change that as I'm gonna try to the the Nano Writing thingy... Yes, I've missed KxT! And Diru in general, was a long time since I last wrote about any of them.