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Title: Naptime
Author: Me, wilwa 
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: G
Word Count: 225
Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. I do not make any money out of this.
Summary: A short drabble about the cosiness of a lazy afternoon nap.
a/n: Thanks Ammo for making me all overly exited and fluffy! :3

A strong hand ran through soft strays of hair that shifted with brown and grey.  A sigh rumbled through Sirius chest and Remus shifted his head from where he had been resting against the other boy's torso. Dozy, brown eyes turned upwards.

Sirius looked peaceful. Dark head gently propped up on down-filled cushions. The sharp, often smug, features were relaxed and made him resemble the young boy he really was.

"What?" Remus murmured, a hint of a smile tickling the corner of his mouth. He had heaved himself up, laying on his belly with bare feet raised to dangle in the air. Upper body propped up with underarms that faintly sank into the mattress of the bed.

"Nothing", Sirius replied, not opening the eyes he had come to close. The hand that had combed Remus' hair fell down, slowly crawling to lay over Remus' forearm, dreamily stroking over the knitted jumper.

Remus had no intention to question the other boy further. The soft silence was to comfortable. He lowered himself down again, nose turned to barely touch Sirius' side. One arm draped over Sirius' stomach, the other tucked under his sleep-warm, rosy cheek.

Hand once again found it's way into the soft strays of brown and grey. Two feet fell down on the mattress with muted thuds as Sirius caressed them back into youthful dreams.


Aww, lovely. I want a nap now too!
Thank you! Naps are lovely. :)

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Re: Sirius News: 6-7 January 2011

Thanks for the notice! :)
Thank you!
That was very sweet.
Thank you!
c: No problem dear! This is adorable, as you should know by now!
Thanks sweetie! All thanks to you. ;D I must start writing them again...
Absolutely! ;)